Studio Policy Agreement

1. I agree to pay tuition when class begins. Tuition is $560/year ($280/semester, $70/month) which includes 30 lessons during the school year. Payments are non-refundable regardless of missed classes or discontinuation of the program. 

2. I understand that if tuition is received later than 7 days after it is due, I will be required to pay a late fee of $10 for every week it is late.

3. With the exception of job loss, severe illness, moving, or other extenuating circumstance, I will be responsible for paying a $100 drop fee for quitting in the middle of the year.

4. I understand that it is anticipated that my child will complete the entire 3-year program with Katie Greenland as their teacher.

5. I understand that if I decide to not participate, my registration fee and materials fee will not be reimbursed.

6. I understand that I must view the parent orientation video prior to the first class.

7. I agree to read all communication from Ms. Katie, review the class calendar, attend class, and assist my child in practicing at home. In first year, parents attend every other week; in second and third year, parents attend about once a month.

8. I will inform Ms. Katie if my child is unable to attend class. I understand that the earliest I can drop my student off is five minutes before class starts. I also agree to pick my student up within five minutes of the end of class.

9. I will park my vehicle in the designated parking spots on the side of the road near Ms. Katie’s house and will escort my child to the classroom door and will pick my child up at the door and escort them back to my vehicle after class.

10. I understand that my child should not bring toys or other distracting items to class.

11. Greenland Music Studio is a food-free studio, thus incentives or prizes will never be edible. I understand that gum, candy, or food is not allowed in class.

12. I understand that siblings and friends may not attend class.  (This includes parent days so please arrange for a babysitter.)

13. I understand that the teacher, Ms. Katie, doesn’t answer the phone right before class or while teaching. A message may still be left via call, text, or email and will be answered when class has ended. 

14. I agree to keep my child home if they are sick. This includes a fever, excessive sneezing or coughing, sore throat, upset stomach, etc.

15. The teacher and studio owner, Ms. Katie, works hard to maintain a safe teaching environment, and has never had a problem with accidents.  However, the Let’s Play Music program does involve physical movement.  By registering in the program, I, the parent or legal guardian, accept full financial liability for any accident or injury that could possibly happen to my child, myself, or any guest accompanying me, while in Ms. Katie’s home or yard and release David and Katie Greenland and all their heirs and connections from all liability.