Meet Ms. Katie

Music has always been a big part of my life. As a child my mother would sing to me and my siblings, play the piano, and carefully choose music for us to listen to at home and in the car. She put me in piano lessons when I was 7 and my foundational love for music grew into a personal love for music. While growing up I played the violin in the school orchestra, sang in the church choir, and as a teenager taught piano lessons to a few neighborhood kids. My love for music became multi-faceted; I love to listen, create, and teach music! 

I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Recreation Therapy from Brigham Young University where I learned and internalized the impact recreation, fun, and play can have on a person’s ability to learn. After completing that degree, I became a Certified Child Life Specialist. This career increased my knowledge of child development and furthered my understanding that children learn best through play. 

I continued to teach piano and had parents ask me to teach their very young children. I felt so frustrated with a lack of resources to teach them in the most appropriate way. When I found Let's Play Music, I knew I had found the answer! I love the Let's Play Music program! Not only does it use play at its best with fun, active, quick-paced, engaging, and energetic classes, but it creates an environment ripe for learning complex musical theory that creates the complete musician. This curriculum was created to not only teach kids music, but help them cultivate a love for music. I have felt privileged to teach my own children the curriculum as well and love seeing their musical understanding and appreciation grow. Music teaching has been a great blessing to my whole family! I'm grateful to be a Certified Let's Play Music teacher and pass my love for music to my students.